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We are very happy and satisfied with our collaboration with Ragnarson. We were able to focus 100% on our core business as the technological stack was covered by the Ragnarson team. What I really appreciate is the clear understanding of our business needs and the preparation of non-trivial, non-standard technical solutions as a response to them. It is especially important in virgin markets, like blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Tom Rozmus

Tom Rozmus, CEO Crypto Investia

The Role of Your Token

Tokens and ICOs have become a popular way of raising funds.  

If you consider issuing your own token this ten-page document will help you understand different roles it may fill within your business. 

The same insight should also be invaluable to investors.

What our clients say?

Guy - CTO at Vehiculum

"Ragnarson guys made an awesome job. They took care to improve a quality code thanks to that Vehiculum is ready for further development and scaling its business."

Guy Moller, Co-founder & CTO at Vehiculum

"Ragnarson did exactly what we were looking for. In less than 4 months of development they finished an MVP, three days before the deadline. It gave us a significant boost in convincing investors."

- Marius Jeuck, Co-Founder at Memorado

Marius - Co-founder at Memorado

Sebastien - CEO at BookingSync

"After cooperating with many different web agencies, I finally came across Ragnarson. They provided me with meticulous and skilled developers who helped me achieve high quality work while meeting deadlines. They have been able to raise my expectations which help us do better for our customers."

- Sébastien Grosjean, CEO at BookingSync

Why us?

Our smart contacts are based on the OpenZeppelin library which powers digital assets worth $4.5B  


11 years of experience in web development, design and DevOps

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Free time and money quote on your idea

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Blockchain enthusiasts - we are the creators of BlockchainWeekly newsletter with 3000+ subscribers and meetups with 80+ attendees each month

Want to work with us?

Maciej, CEO at Ragnarson

Maciej Galkiewicz

CEO of Ragnarson

phone: +49 151 72622746

We can also meet in person in Berlin, Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

What are smart contracts?

Smart Contracts are pieces of code which allow you to exchange money, shares or anything of value in a transparent and conflict free way without a middleman. Nowadays they are very often used for Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Do you only write the Smart Contract part?

No at all. Actually, it’s the smallest and not the most complicated part. The whole process looks like this: first we give you feedback on your project idea, then we proceed to preparing a time and material quote. If you need an ICO we write the smart contact for the ICO to gather the funds. Later on we move forward to building the actual project/platform. The last phrase needs the most planning and effort.  

About our abilities to build the whole product: we are a full stack web developers with over 11 years of experience. We can do everything from front-end development, back-end development, server infrastructure to complex transactional systems. Meet our clients on our Cluch profile and Case Studies page.

I would like to learn more about how to design a token economy around my business. Can you refer me to any online resources?

Sure. We have written a ten-page document on how to design a token economy around your business, you can get it in the Case Studies section of this page.  

You might also want to check the three part blog post by Trent McConaghy from Ocean Protocol project about Blockchain and possible token use cases: Can Blockchains Go Rogue?, Towards a Practice of Token Engineering and Token Engineering Case Studies 

How do investors decide which ICOs are worth investing in?

Check out those two podcasts for understanding what red flags for investors are: a16z Podcast: Cryptocurrencies, App Coins, and Investing in Protocols and a16z Podcast: Why Crypto Tokens Matter

How do you work and which methodologies do you use?

For development we use agile methodologies, with weekly sprint meetings and frequent deployments. Here is a detailed document on how we work PDF

Do I have to come to your office or do you work remotely?

Sure, you can visit us but if you can’t that’s not a problem. We are a remote first company. We have one office in Berlin and one in Łódź.

What materials do you need from me to start? 

For giving you feedback on your idea we need to chat with you. If you have a white paper we are happy to go through it. Later on we will need wireframes or designs (list of features, layout, workflow etc.). You might want to use Invision app for that.

My product idea has a potentially huge scope with lots of moving parts. Can you help me with that?

It’s a known issue among non startup savvy people to try to do everything at once. Usually we recommend to trim the product idea to a minimum viable product (MVP), where you can test whether or not your project has a market fit without spending tons of money and wasting time. We recommend reading a great piece on Lean Startup methodology.

Do you accept tokens as a means of payment?  

No, we only accept payments in EUR or USD. 

Do you work on a fixed price or time and materials basis?

We only work on a time and materials basis.